reasons to quit smoking

 here are some reasons i would really like to quit smoking


  • have money – it costs me about $450 per month to smoke. and it’s only going to get more expensive.
    cigarette zombies – in Racoon City any white man who is outside smoking is a target for cigarette zombies looking for loosie handouts
  • tired of getting them and retaining them – so tired of finding a place to buy them, and making sure that i’ve always got enough packs until the next time  i make a trip to the store.
  • my mouth will feel good – smoking is the number one gateway drug to bad breath
  • i can go places again – most places restrict smoking
  • no more smoking in the rain – like yesterday.
  • the constant threat of fire – cigarettes have been engineered to go out when unattended. in  my experience, this makes them even more dangerous. also dangerous are those crappy book matches.  i’m surprised i haven’t burned down the apartment with those damn book matches.  only one in three lights; the other two matches just launch burning  sulphur across the room
  • no more criticism – smoking is viewed by bullies as a character flaw.  anyone at any time can attack you about the smoking, no matter how fat, unhealthy, stupid or ugly they are.
  • and some bullshit about cancer

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