another pseudoday without smokes

I responded to an email from Wondergirl today. The email was about whether one could have sex with a hot young post op transsexual and it not being gay. BTW, i assure you this was tongue and cheek. BTW, that’s not a pun

Here’s the email

u know, i’m not in control of my gonads today
today if the first day of…aw fuck it – cold turkey from smokes since six thirty this morning – only two piece of nicotine gum. not bad. not good
i CRAVE cigarette. i love how the make me feel. pretty, feminine. oh wait, that’s panties. no, i means the cigarettes make me relaxed, and full of cool carolina flavor.
i don’t want to trade the nicotine gum for cigarettes. i want off this addiction carousel

Yeah, here we go again. I stayed home from work today to be with Coffee. It was a quick decision, to leverage her being home with my quitting attempt. It’s only been a pseudoday without smokes since i finished my last two – in a row – about six fifteen this morning.

I’ve been suffering from, I think, complete full-blown depression for days at the thought of quitting. I first I thought it was guilt from still smoking, but now I know the feelings I’ve been experiencing are all about taking on this chore.


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