dazed confused and stupid

Went to work today. For about an hour. Before hours.  I signed everything in my basket and then did some basic work on the reports I do.  I farmed out some work and told one of my workers that he did a fine job on some important tasks. I caught up with my manager. I listened to some complaints about the joint from my fellow supervisors. 

I realized early on that I was ready to take someone’s head off.  I had no Xanax to calm me down, and the nicotine gum is no longer working to distract me from my need to smoke.  I took off. I didn’t even sign in.

I’m no longer making intelligent decisions.  Long story short, after I left work I went to Geena’s.  I printed out her son’s homework since their  printer’s on the fritz.  My home printer is useless since the cartridges are dead.  I totally messed up getting her her  new apartment application, the real reason I drove into Racoon City today.  It seems like I can’t solve the simplest of problems.  I’m totally on the edge. I’ve gone.. quite… mad.


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