email confessions

I sent this one out today – no one responded.

I  am a junkie. i suffer from multiple addictions.the current one i am trying to overcome is my favorite – menthol cigarettes.

firstly, let me acknowledge a power higher than myself. unfortunately, that power resides with the sophomore cheerleading team at Henrick Hudson high school. I deal with them later
i would like to make amends. Foxylove, Wondergirl, Geena, I am sorry that I broke into your homes and stole your used underwear to masturbate with. Actually, that hasn’t happened yet, but I suspect it will, so I’m apologizing early.
Sorry to Harridan for borrowing ten dollars that I still owe you.  I’m sure you thought I needed it for food. Instead, I bought a pack of Newports from Maria’s. This was hours after I vowed I’d never smoke again.
Sorry to everyone for being a bad friend. Sorry to Geena for dragging you out into the cold to smoke with me. sorry man
so… don’t lend me any money, don’t trust anything I say, for a while anyway. if you have a god, pray for me. if not, please put up with my mood swings.
i’m trying my best. It’s probably not good enough, but it’s all i got.

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