well, that didn’t take long

First day at work  this week.  I worked for about an hour, then the inane chatter started outside my office, and I marched right out to the corner store and bought a pack of stale Newports.

And I’m smoking them still right now, in the comfort of my own home.  Funny thing is, I’m not that excited about them.

When I first lit up, I started laughing maniacally.  Then, I was like, this sucks.  I’m a little nauseous, my breathing is difficult, and I’m just not that interested.  Plus, I was stuck in the same old smoking milieu; standing in the slum of Racoon City, bored, no one to talk too, waiting to finish my cigarette.

I had only one since I got home;  normally, I’d have inhaled about five by now.  Maybe I really am in the home stretch, despite the appearance of failure.


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