my poisons

  • sugar – comes in many forms, processes and in simple carbohydrate form. like most people in developed countries, i consume way way too much of it, contributing to my obesity and diabetes
  • paxil – anti-depression drug, working on the serotonin levels in the brain. handles the anxiety that comes with depression. the anxiety I believe that was my basic problem; also, paxil too the edger off my strong fight or flight response.  paxil washes out of the body very quickly, so it has to be taken daily and on schedule. paxil withdrawal isn’t pretty. sudden withdrawal can lead to anger, rage, feelings of electrical shocks called the zaps, depression, and even suicide.
  • xanax – not sure if i’m chemically addicted or not. it’s a narcotic, used to de-stress the user. i’ve been using it to sleep through the night when i try cold turkey. it also squelches any anxiety symptoms i might get. typically used to treat anxiety disorders, panic disorders, and anxiety caused by depression
  • jack daniels – not just an alcohol, but instead the finest bourbon produced in the world. i used to drink way too much, but cut back to almost zero because of the paxil.
  • soda – or, more accurately, caffeine.  caffeinated beverage like coffee and soda give the user a boost of energy.  the price for the boost is fatigue later. also, most sodas are full of salt, so replacing water with soda leads to dehydration.  
  • cigarettes – full of nicotine, tar, radiation, cadmium, and cool and refreshing carolina flavor.  used primarily to feed a nicotine habit and to look super cool. i love cigarettes. my nicotine delivery system of choice is kools, but any strong menthol will do in a pinch.

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