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full tilt hard on smokin’

Posted in addictions, quitting smoking failure, smoking with tags , , , on July 19, 2009 by wkct
OK, I haven’t blogged (not that anyone has noticed) for quite a while because I had nothing to report but failure.  I failed again.

I was just so tired of being in discomfort, of fighting the urge, of thinking about smoking for maybe a half an hour at a time that I gave in one Sunday so I could finally relax.

Now I have the opposite effect; I’m tight because I haven’t quit, and when I look inside, I find no desire to quit.  I’m even back to waking up and smoking in the middle of the night.

So this is how it happened…

I was filling up on gas at a gas station that has a mart. I was holding the pump while looking at the mart. I knew cigarettes were in the mart, peacefully sleeping until some lucky bastard bought them and brought them home to play.

I couldn’t get the idea of smoking out of my mind. It was like eight tracks of schizo smoke of consciousness. I was thinking, one, just one to get over this hump. Just one more trip to the top and I’ll be all right.

The pump clicked off, the kiosk beeped and whirled at me, I finished paying and then marched right to the mart, overpaid for a pack of stale Kools, and then ran (OK, wheezed) to my car. Coffee was so disappointed. I was so ashamed, but now I didn’t have to think anymore about quitting. For now anyway.


why are some common things so hard to do

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Firstly, let’s get my addiction problems out of the way.  As we know, I can’t be trusted with money because I will immediately use any eight dollars I find to buy cigarettes. I thought I’d be quitting on Monday because I ran out of cigarettes and money at the same time. I won’t ask Coffee for cigarette money.  I felt ready to quit.

But I found ten dollars and in my pocket that I immediately converted to cigarettes.  On the upside,  I just ran out of money again (yes, I’m calling that an upside) and will be forced to not smoke tomorrow.

Remember critics (as if anyone reads this blog), the simple ideas like that I could stick to a pack a day, chew nicotine gum instead of smoke, or even consent to the situation of not smoking because I’m out of scratch instead of robbing a convenience store for all its menthols is a major improvement over the last quarter century. Am I proud?, No, like Bart Simpson, I feel less shame.

Onward to this common thing business. I’m reading postings on MSN about credit issues and I thinking, credit is universal to all adults, and yet no one knows how their credit scores are actually tabulated.  There’s no conventional wisdom involved; strangely, many smart moves involving credit repair are counter-intuitive.  Why should this be so hard?  Here’s some other  things that shouldn’t be so hard…

Divorce – a common situation that bankrupts all sorts of couples and takes years to conclude.

Marriage – getting all the crap together, holding the ceremony and the party, all that business is way too intense.

Taxes – few people understand their filings, or even why their tax payments are what they are

Credit – why so mysterious?

Buying a Car – why can’t I just walk into a store, pick out a car, pay for it and drive it away?

the end of a week

Posted in addictions, quitting smoking failure, smoking with tags , , , on April 17, 2009 by wkct

Well, I found my major smoking stressor: work.  I panicked each and every morning this work week and totally and utterly failed to quit. On the upside, I’m only smoking a pack a day instead of my full-on two packs.

Also, I’ve learned that I can go extended times without cigarettes.  Quite interesting actually. I never thought I could go more than a short time without one. Also, I learned that working, even doing bill paying at work, seems to require a cigarette.

I looked at my American Express bill today with a smoke in my mouth and it felt just so right.

Tomorrow is Saturday; no smokes for me. I’m going to meter out my nicotine gum, stay off the smokes Saturday Sunday and Monday, and then return to work on Tuesday.

I’m so tired of this.  I  hope I can find the strength.

well, that didn’t take long

Posted in addictions, quitting smoking failure, smoking with tags , , on April 13, 2009 by wkct

First day at work  this week.  I worked for about an hour, then the inane chatter started outside my office, and I marched right out to the corner store and bought a pack of stale Newports.

And I’m smoking them still right now, in the comfort of my own home.  Funny thing is, I’m not that excited about them.

When I first lit up, I started laughing maniacally.  Then, I was like, this sucks.  I’m a little nauseous, my breathing is difficult, and I’m just not that interested.  Plus, I was stuck in the same old smoking milieu; standing in the slum of Racoon City, bored, no one to talk too, waiting to finish my cigarette.

I had only one since I got home;  normally, I’d have inhaled about five by now.  Maybe I really am in the home stretch, despite the appearance of failure.

another quitting failure

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As i predicted, I failed to quit smoking on friday. i just didn’t feel any commitment. as soon as I arrived in Racoon City to report to work, I hit the luncheonette and bought a pack of newports.


My poison is Kools in the box, considered the roughest of menthol cigarette. But I think these newports are made from some soviet-era tobacco they found in a sunken container ship.  They taste so bad that they were making me nauseous. of course, not nauseous enough to not smoke.


On the way home, I passed the old lady who works for an office in the basement of the building. She’s about one hundred years young, and is complete dehabilitated. However, she hobbles back and forth all day between her workstation and the back door of the building to catch a smoke.


I said to Geena, “there’s our future if we don’t stop smoking.”


And so Friday morphed into Saturday and I smoked more packs of stale Newports. Eventually, my stomach started bothering me my lungs grew heavy.  by Sunday, today, I just gave up and got another pack of Kools.  Cold turkey, tomorrow, for sure.


Coffee’s been really upset about the whole smoking business. I asked her to me a pack of smokes when she was out. she was real extra pissed when she had to pay about nine bucks for them.


So, as I type this, I’m sleepy, my lungs are on half speed, and I’m trying to build up the strength to quit, again.


Funny thing on Saturday night.  I was on the couch, surfing as I do, and I looked over at the other end of the couch. there was my little boy cat, sleeping peacefully. I thought about how the smoke hurts his little eyes. how much healthier we’d all be if I didn’t smoke. Maybe that’s the image I’ll use tomorrow.