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this extra butthole is a pain in the ass

Posted in disease with tags , , on August 3, 2009 by wkct

Great!  Now I got a hole in my butt. No, not that hole. Another hole that’s not supposed to be there.

See, when you’re a big fat slob, and you’re practically made out of sugar, your skin gets real thin.  So thin that it starts to break down, or get yeast infections.

You’d think that having more cushion for pushing would help prevent skin breakdown on one’s butt.  No, in fact the whole butt thing just gets worse.

Best I can tell, I must have developed a pressure sore.  The skin gets rubbed, crushed, and then white blood cells try the fix the problem the only way they know how; by eating anything they find.  More and more white blood cells show up for the fight against this phantom invader, and wind up eating each other and the body’s own skin. Eventually, the area gets how and the the skin gets thin and then, pop.

It was a little pop, nothing I noticed.  But now it’s not healing, and there’s a shaft leading from the surface of my body to my innards.  Left untreated, the shaft could get deeper and deeper until I develope a viewing window into my pelvis.

It smarts a bit.  Coffee is working her medical magic on it. We’ll see if I wind up getting a quick cure or a ticket to a nursing home, on my belly.